Springtime at Summerour

Yacht Rock had a show at Summerour Studio--Springtime in the City, which is a benefit by Peachtree Presbyterian for the Adaptive Learning Center.  For us, it was also a good tune up for tomorrow's big show at the Park Tavern.  Nice, easy gig with a good crowd and easy load in.

Two great things about this gig:

1.  We got to play I Keep Forgetting.  I love to play that one--it's one of my favorites, but unfortunately it's a tough one to sing, so we play it three or four gigs a year.  Such a hip song.

2.  We are debuting a couple of new Reagan Rock tunes this week.  One is Get Out of My Dreams (Billy Ocean) which is passable, though at 1988, it's pretty late in the genre.  The other is the Beach Boys Kokomo.  It's a pretty crappy song.  Also a 1988'er.  The band is pretty divided about this one--I think we all agree that it's pretty bad, but split as to whether or not it's so bad that it's good (another way to think of it is:  yes, it's bad, but we're going to make it sound so good that the crowd will love it anyway).

Here are the songs in the second set.  Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Raspberry Beret
My Life
What a Fool Believes
Get Out of my Dreams
Night Fever
I Wanna Be Your Lover
All Night Long
Call Me Al
I Want to Dance with Somebody

So, maybe it doesn't prove anything--it WAS the first song in the set.  Still, I felt immense satisfaction.  I'll just leave it at that.

What else, what else…

An eighteen wheeler flipped on I-75 just south of Delk Road.  It took me an hour to make it to my gig.  The ride home took just over twenty minutes.

We had a stage at Summerour.  Usually, we're just on the floor.  Stages are better--it makes for a nice boundary between the crowd and the band.

Greg Lee showed up with a brand new bass rig!

That's a Traynor head and Bergantino cabinet.  Also check out the new bass synth pedal.  There was a new Sunburst P bass, too (not pictured).  Nifty!

Mark Cobb was particularly inventive tonight, which made for a fun night for me.  Good stuff.  I dug it.

See you tomorrow at Park Tavern for the Reagan Rock Prom!

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