My Soprano Sax is Being a Bitch

Church day!  I had two in at the AM and one at the PM.

My AM church gig was pretty good.  It ended up by sheer luck that I really didn't need to play any tenor.  I mostly played soprano, with one song on flute and one on clarinet.  I played the preservice music (for five minutes on tenor) before the first service, and that was the last time I picked up the horn.

My flute felt great, clarinet felt…like clarinet.  I worked on my soprano (tweaking the right hand adjustment screws with the help of my leak light), and I think I fixed my leak.  The horn is fine in that regard, but I had trouble playing in tune (the story of my life).  Left hand was flat, right hand was sharp.  It took me most of the service to find the magic spot on the neck where I could pull the low stuff up and push the sharp stuff down.

I played the 1-2-3-6-5 "I'm lovin' it" McDonalds riff all over the main song, much to Matt the sound man's enjoyment.  In the second service, I played it backwards 6-5-3-2-1.  It's lovin' me?  The beauty of the major pentatonic scale…it works both ways.  Anyway, my overuse of these five notes (over the one, the four, and the five) probably got me into the Methodist Book of World Records.  Maybe I should have a go-to minor key riff ready…

The PM gig was ok.  My soprano seemed even more out of tune with itself.  The flute was fine.

We had a sub pianist this week (our bandleader is out on maternity leave).  No problems!  Nice work!

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