More Gigs!

I was eager to wash yesterday's bad taste out of my mouth.  Fortunately, Sunday turned out to be a big gig day.  Check it out:

Gig #1:  AM church gig.  The usual stuff.  Very lightly attended--spring break has sprung here.

Tommy Dodd showed up to play pedal steel, which is cool but always makes me wonder what I'm supposed to do when he's playing fills between the vocals.  It turned out not to matter because the jack on his guitar died and he did not play at all.  No Matt running sound.

Gig #2:  I left straight from the church to the Renaissance Waverly over by the Cobb Galleria for a brunch gig for the University of Michigan (one more Final Four gig!).  This was a lot of fun for me.  It was a flute/guitar/bass trio, which I haven't done maybe ever (I have done some flute/guitar duos in the past).

We attempted my originals.  It was totally weird because I'm used to transposing everything for saxophone, so for a while I had difficulty NOT transposing--my hands/brain would not cooperate.

Anyway, a very cool, easy gig.  Loved it.  I had a fun time trying to play.  Unfortuntately, my recorder only caught the first two tunes before it went on spring break.

It's good to start off a Michigan gig with a tune dedicated to your favorite Michigan State grad.

I had a lead sheet ready, but (fortunately) nobody asked us for Hail to the Victors.

Gig #3:  PM church gig.  We had a good crowd for the evening.  I played OK--I was kind of fried after everything in the past few days, and the pollen is bugging me, so maybe I was a little out of it.  I'm not convinced that my soprano isn't in need of a check up.  It may be time to go see Lopes.

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