Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Helen and the Devil

Yacht Rock managed to scoop up a last minute gig in Helen, Georgia, so we never even took our gear out of the trailer when we got back to Atlanta Monday night.  Tuesday afternoon we off again.

I'd never been to Helen.  It looks like a little Octoberfest German town, which matches the only reason most Atlantans ever go up there.

The room was small, but the crowd was smaller--around twenty people!  Our smallest crowd ever.

Bencuya couldn't make it, so Eric Frampton subbed for him.  It was quite a beating/lesson for me.  I had to play a couple of Bencuya parts, and I did OK, but I'm still miles and miles and miles from providing the kind of playing that the rest of the band is used to hearing.  Ugh.  I played some wrong chords in Reminiscing.  Hey Nineteen went pretty well (I think I only played one bad chord), but I have no chops for soloing.  I began Doctor, My Eyes wrong, but once we got going, I did fine.  Somebody's Baby was alright, but the organ part is pretty similar to the piano part.

Frampton, on the other hand, tore it up.  I feel very small.  Present David Freeman needs to go back in time and tell Past David Freeman that piano lessons will be necessary!

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