More Musical Olympics

What a crazy weekend!

Yacht Rock played a private gig at the Children's Museum Saturday night.  Easy stuff…we've played this same event once or twice before.  Before that, though, I played a quick House Live gig one block away at the Aquarium.

The House Live gig was 5:30-7.  Piece of cake!  They bussed in a thousand or so people to eat in the Atrium and tour the exhibits.  We were amazingly loud.  The SPL app on my phone maxed out.  It was brutal.  My left ear is ruined.

Wayne and Nico on percussion.  Two cajons, two shakers, four congas.

At 7, I ran out the door and down the street to the Children's Museum, changed clothes, and walked on stage (I preset my gear earlier in the afternoon) and started playing at 7:25.  Whew!

This gig was also fun and easy.  Nick and Mark Cobb were out, so Greg moved from bass to lead vocal.  Rob Henson subbed on bass and Ganesh Giri Jaya subbed on drums.  I was trying to explain to the sound guy who was subbing.  He's running sound for us next weekend at the Park Tavern, and I tried to explain that it'll be the same band except for the subs, except for part of the night Greg will play guitar and Pete will play bass.  Then his head exploded.

Here's my solo on Lowdown.

On the way out I sat in some sort of hellacious traffic jam at midnight.

I'm doing my church gig in the morning, and then we are headed to Miami for the Rock Boat XIII.  I'll be needing a nap at that point.

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