The Day After

I staggered home from the Variety Playhouse, put all my gear away, took a shower, and went to bed for a few hours.  Shortly thereafter, I was up again to make my way to my AM church gig.

I played everything I brought--two hymns on flute, a song on tenor, an song on soprano, and the closer on clarinet.  Matt had me on a large diaphragm condenser this week--I don't know if it sounded any better, but I felt like it sounded better.  Bigger microphone, bigger…sound?

I went home and slept all day.

My PM gig was in the parish hall--the cathedral choir had a concert in the main sanctuary (shows you how much they like our mass when we can get kicked out of the church for something of this level--would they do that to the 10 AM Sunday mass?).  Anyway, the parish hall sound is usually a horrible place to play--it's really dead, the band is in a little nook off to the side of the room, the speakers are all in the ceiling, and there's no headroom in the system.  I guess somebody finally dealt with the headroom issue because the band actually sounded pretty good in the room.  Maybe I'm getting better at mixing live sound?  You never can tell.

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