Christmas with Dan

I played two Christmas services at the church where I play my PM services, both in the parish hall/deadest room on the planet.  It's the one with the band in the little nook off the main room, and the band plugs into the wall and the sound comes through speakers in the ceiling.

Both services were fine, but in the second one, I started playing around with the reverbs on the mixer, especially with the "cathedral" sounding one.  In one song, I had one of the vocalists at a normal reverb level and the other (who was singing a counter line) totally wet, and the piano somewhere in the middle.  As vocal one gradually made her way to the same part as vocalist two (Silent Night), I washed her and the piano out, too.  The song eventually distilled down to the two vocals.  It sounded great in my headphones.  I was pretty happy with myself, even if no one else in the room noticed it.  Dan (Lanois, of course) would've been proud of me.

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