The Day After

So…Sunday morning, there I was, bright and early at my AM church gig.  I got a message earlier in the week that I would be playing only alto, so I knew it was a concert band situation.  It turned out to be a great change of pace…I played in the "orchestra" (a combo wind ensemble/strings/rhythm section), covering the sax part by myself.  Easy stuff.  Easy load out!

I got home in time for brunch with my in-laws, and then it was off to another Yacht Rock gig!  Jeez!

We played a Stewart Cink charity event (the Cink it Challenge) in Suwanee at some super swanky golf club.  Nice place.  Is it weird that we now hang out with Stewart Cink?  That he recognizes us by sight?  That he and I have conversations about sunburn on our heads?

This one could have gone poorly, but everybody was relaxed after last week, and we had Kip Conner running sound for us, so everything sounded fantastic.  We played great!  Fun gig.

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