OutHouse Live

I got a call to play a House Live gig for a private party at a home in Buckhead.  It was a Peter Pan themed party, and Jeff, Wayne, and I were dressed as Indians and situated on the back steps of the house/mansion next to a teepee.  I guess that was better than the two girls who spent the evening in the pool pretending to be mermaids.

see the DJ set up on the left?  I was behind the tree next to those windows

A beautiful house!  We weren't actually allowed in the house (except that the only way to my position on the steps was through the kitchen, but I promised to keep my eyes closed).  I even got yelled at by the caterer/party planner for daring to take a picture of the pool house.  He then yelled at his assistant and instructed her to yell at the band about it.

the pool house
I just want to point out that one of my favorite aspects of playing in Yacht Rock is that we are seldom treated as anything less than honored guests--it's not uncommon for the bride and groom to ask us at their wedding reception if there's anything we need.  I hope I never have to go back to regular gigging situations where I'm treated like a dog.

Anyway…other than that, the gig was five hours of music outside.  It got cold.  At 8:30 it was already down to 55 degrees.  My hands were stiff and my feet were numb, and I had my mouthpiece and flute headjoint pushed on as far as they'd go.  I was really hoping the noise ordinance in Atlanta (11 PM) would save us, but when the cops came at 10 to turn it down, the caterer bribed them with free food, and the police agreed to ignore the noise until the neighbors complained (which I guess they did not).  Damn!


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