Nancy Grace Loves Me

I played a trio gig at CNN Center in a room that shares a wall with Nancy Grace's studio.  I was told explicitly by some giggly girl to please turn my saxophone down (still looking for the volume knob), because if Nancy hears saxophone (why me?), she'll come out and shut down the whole party.  Yikes!  This led to endless jokes about my volume knob and Nancy's love of half diminished chords (she likes tension), and later on, our shared affinity for Joe Henderson tunes.

We survived without Nancy cutting us down;  I plugged up the bell of my horn.  Whatever gets the job done.  The crowd was a good bit louder than us through the entire night--it turned into one of those "take the money and run" gigs, where our collective interest in playing ebbed and flowed.  That said, I felt really good about what I played.  Check it out:

 David Freeman Trio - September 25, 2012 by David B Freeman

I'm trying to focus on playing more vertically within each chord.  It's pushing me into some different places.  I think I like it.  I'm not explicitly arpeggiating each chord, but I'm more conscious of playing from chord tone to chord tone.  It's tough to explain.

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