Enjoying the Weather

Yacht Rock had a couple of outdoor gigs this weekend.  Fortunately, the heat of the summer is finally beginning to dissipate, so they were both pretty comfortable.

Our first show was a wedding in Birmingham, AL.  Our set up was delayed by passing showers as the cold front moved through, but things eventually dried out and we soundchecked.

The reception was easy--I'd guess 125 guests--and the bride and groom are big fans.  The evening was pretty nice, even though the mosquitos were pretty intimidating.

We ended the festivities with Born to Run (one of the groom's favorite songs).  I hadn't played it in over a year, but it seems like that song is burned into my brain.

 Born to Run sax solo by David B Freeman

We drove back to Atlanta on Sunday, headed straight to Stone Mountain for the Yellow Daisy Festival.  More easy stuff--one ninety minute set in pleasant weather.  A week earlier, and we'd all have drowned in our own sweat.

We played well, though Dannells had a little cussing fit after he broke a string, which forced him to play his slide guitar (with the really high action) for the remainder of the gig.  Things sounded good on stage, and I could hear myself in the PA on the saxophone stuff.  Once again, we finished with Born to Run.

This was a great weekend!  Three successful gigs in a row, and it looks like the calendar is revving up for the next couple of months.


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