Coke Trio

I had a little trio gig at the World of Coke--background music for a corporate dinner thing.  They wanted to speak, too, so I brought my meager PA (two speakers, two sticks, and twenty-five feet of cable).

Upon arrival, I learned that it wouldn't just be remarks for the crowd--they were presenting awards, so the PA got really complicated really quickly.  We were in the atrium;  the band was situated on one landing, the podium on the other (stairs between us), and the audience down on the floor.  Yikes!  Forty-five minutes to come up with a solution, test it, and get set up to play music.  The distance between the speakers, plus the distance up to the landing were a major concern.  I finally got it sorted out by daisy-chaining my speakers.  Glad I brought a boom stand as a place to keep the microphone.  This was not was I was expecting.

OK, so that was settled…here's the audio from the gig.  It's Tyrone Jackson on keyboard and Kevin Smith on bass.  I felt really good about my playing tonight.

 David Freeman Trio-September 20, 2012 by David B Freeman

We played for an hour, and I finally declared a break--no one from the client's camp would give me any kind of timeline for the event.  The break worked out to be about right, though--they were ready to get started.  I got the important old white guys set up with the microphone…one of them actually asked me to turn down the echo!  I wanted to say, "Unfortunately, we are in a room of glass and tile, built like a four story bucket.  There's nothing to eat up the sound.  It's an acoustical problem I cannot solve for you.  Please forgive me, the World of Coke, and the city of Atlanta."  Instead I barked, "IT'S THE ROOM!!!" Oops.  At least I didn't cuss.

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