Yacht Rock played a semi-private show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens last night--a cancer benefit put on by the Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary, but I think anybody could purchase a ticket.  We played two sets beginning at 9:30 PM.

I walked out right before we began to wet my reeds, only to find that my laptop had died.  Holy shit!  My power supply must have died and left my laptop to slowly run the battery out.  Quickly, Kevin Spencer ran upstairs and got his power supply, and after a couple of minutes, Peter was able to get my laptop to wake up and return to normal.  Wow.

That's how the gig began…a (temporarily) dead component of my rig and a big adrenaline rush.  For the first couple of tunes, I was playing my parts and trying to diagnose what happened.  Once I'd calmed down, I could pay attention to what was happening on stage.  That was right around the time (Saturday in the Park) that the batteries in my EWI went down, and I had to find a place when I was not busy to switch them out.  More adrenaline!
I got that sorted out and began to calm down.  Sneaking a peek at the power supply recharging my computer (during Peg), I noticed that the light on it was not on, and thus my computer was back on battery power.  Agh!  Back into crisis mode…playing the gig, but mentally trying to figure out how I can get to the end of the set (I need the EWI for Rosanna) without my computer running out of electricity.

I looked again at the plug, and it was in fact charging, so everything was fine.

That was the first set.  When you watch a show, you probably never consider that while I'm playing, all hell is breaking loose.  Without all the drugs, it would be impossible.

On the break, I found out that my computer power supply (which has a brick and then a plug that fits on it) had come apart.  I pushed it back together, and the problem was solved.

The second set was easy by comparison.  I even aced the Africa solo.  Lots of air keyboards (volume turned all the way down) for Bencuya's enjoyment.

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