Organ Trio!

I finally found an opportunity to do an organ trio gig with David Ellington!  We'd done a duo thing at a restaurant last December, and we talked about playing some more, but it just never seemed to come together.  I got a call about doing a jazz gig and then doing one of those House Live gigs with a DJ right after that, and they wanted to have the percussionist for House Live also play on the jazz part.  Sax, drums, and keyboard sounds like organ trio!  Yay!

So…here we are!  Ellington on organ, Phil Smith on drums, and me, trying to keep the Microsoft people happy by playing impossibly quiet in the acoustical nightmare that is the High Museum atrium.

 David Freeman Organ Trio-July 18, 2012 by David B Freeman

The House Live gig was easy…supposed to be two hours, but nobody showed up for the first half hour…thankfully, because I was not in the mood.  My alto mouthpiece played great, though!

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