Dogs on I-20

The Yacht Rock Revue played a gig for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce on Monday night, out at the Ritz at Lake Oconee.  Super sweet gig!  We played one ninety minute set (8:30-10 PM), and they set us up with rooms for the night (as in individual rooms at the Ritz).  Holy cow!  We also ate steak and asparagus and some kind of banana custard desserts.  Good stuff.

the view from my room
So…the Ritz has a dog!  A chocolate lab named Dooley who spends the day next to the concierge.  Awesome dog--I tried to bribe him with my apple core to come to 346 so we could hang out.

Tuesday morning, we stopped at a McDonalds for coffee, and there was another cute dog parked out front who looked a lot like the Reggie Dog.

my dog Reggie (picture for physical comparison)
We straight to a rehearsal…me, not so great.  Ugh.  I sucked real bad on my big two measure string solo on Sara Smile.

In other news…Yacht Rock has released a live album!  I'm not sure if I'm proud to be on it, or terrified that somebody might hear what I'm doing and maybe realize it's, uh...not so great.  I did hear the sax solo in the van a few weeks ago, and it was a little bleah…a tuning optional kind of thing.  Big surprise.  This was right around the time I got fed up with my alto mouthpiece and switched, but the solo is on the old piece.  Hmm.  Anyway…here's a link--you can purchase it (the CD, not my old mouthpiece) for $10!

There are lots of gigs this weekend!  Stay tuned!

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