Spaced Out

The Yacht Rock Revue played our (somewhat) regular 10 High gig last night.  This gig isn't paying nearly what it used to produce, but it's still giving us a couple of extra rehearsals.  We have a pretty big show coming up a week from tonight (Friday), and the opportunity to screw these songs up in front of a smaller crowd is appreciated.

My amp died while I was soundchecking…scared me for a second, but it turned out it was a bad power cable.  I swapped it with the cord from my top keyboard, and it was steady, but then my Fantom would turn off randomly whenever someone came near.  So…bad cable.  I broke out my spare.  Problem solved.

We started out pretty well, in spite of the very thin crowd.  Somewhere towards the end of the first set, I started spacing out.  I was playing, but not paying too much attention.  I wandered around on break (went upstairs and watched baseball), and the first half of the second set, I was mentally NOT THERE AT ALL.  The strings on the chorus of I Want to be Your Lover?  Not in the first chorus--I just watched go by, and it kind of clicked--hey dumbass, it'd be great if you'd play.   Oops!  OK, I'm back…no I'm not.  I missed the flute entrance to Lowdown.  Same thing--I stood there thinking, why is everybody already playing? (it's stacked entrances--bass, guitar and rhodes, flute, then the first verse).  I totally missed it.  I will say that I played a pretty rippin' flute solo.

The rest of the gig floated by.  I don't think I screwed anything else up, but I wasn't paying attention.  Duuuuuhhhhh…

Exciting news…Hans confirmed my suspicion that Heart Attack and Mr. Heart Attack (center of the last picture above) are swingers.  Yuck!

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