King of Pops

Please Pleaserock Me (the Yacht Rock guys playing the Beatles) played a set of music at the King of Pops Field Day.  I guess it was a show of appreciation for KoP fans.  The event was in the backyard of the Masquerade (who knew there was such a thing?).

The venue was kind of cool…easy load in right off the street, big stage, room for lots of people.

Our set was really flat.  It surely didn't help that it was Sunday night right after the sun had gone down, or the massive amount of dead air in between us and the band before (the Mike Geier/Monkey Zuma thing was a bust).  We'd also spent all of our energy the previous two nights.  Fortunately, it was only a forty-five minute set, most of which I spent taking pictures and playing percussion.  No big deal.  I was home and asleep on the couch at the usual time!

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