Sea Island

Mark Dannells on the run

Yacht Rock played a wedding on Sea Island on the Georgia coast.

We drove all afternoon and showed up on time (5:30 PM).  In the midst of setting up, we were informed that the guests were due to arrive shortly.  Evidently no one had bothered to fill us in on all of the wedding details, so we were left to interpret things like this (copied from the itinerary):

745pm:  All Quiet
8pm:  Guests Arrive (ceremony off site at St. Simons Presbyterian Church at 630pm)
Father of the Bride will do a welcome when wedding party & bride/groom arrive
Bride and Groom will be introduced
730pm - 1st Dance: Love Will Keep Us Together (2min on ipod)
Father/Daughter and Mother/Son:  Dancing in the Moonlight (2min on ipod)
(play 90 min set)

Impressive?  Dancing to the first dance before you arrive at the venue?  Or is that supposed to 8:30 first dance?  Or is that supposed to be 6:45 all quiet, 7 PM guests arrive?

It turned out that it was 6:45 all quiet, 7 PM guests.  So…no soundcheck, which I guess is no big deal.

my view from the stage
We ate and changed and then someone came and got us--"They're expecting y'all now."  We got out there and stood around for 10-15 minutes.  Again, no big deal, but we went racing out there for nothing.  Indigestion?

The first set was a drag--low energy blahs from the crowd and (therefore) the band.  Did I mention we were forbidden to drink during the first set?  

The second set was better, but still only marginally more exciting than the van ride. 

After the gig we were issued keys and directions for our accommodations.  The client/agent/somebody had reserved rooms for us at the Queens Court Motel, which is a bug infested shit hole on St. Simons Island.  At one point, I think this place was maybe a quaint little place where your parents stayed when they were dating in the 60s, but now it's a bug infested shit hole.  Mold on the walls, dead cockroaches on the floor, bugs crawling across the beds.  Let's put it this way:  we took one look at it and started talking about driving through the night back to Atlanta (five hours away).  

used to look like this

now looks like this
We lucked out and found a Quality Inn right next to I-95 in Brunswick. 

The drive back was pretty entertaining.  We played musical trivia.  Lots of screaming, lots of obscenities.  Lunch was had at Hooters in Macon.

I got home with just enough time to unload all my stuff and head out to my church gig.  Not much happening there.  It sounded ok.  I didn't play particularly well.

Big week ahead.

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