One for Grady

Yacht Rock played at the Grady Rock and Ride Festival on Saturday in downtown Atlanta.  They closed Peachtree (first time EVER!) and set up a stage in between Westin Peachtree Plaza and the Ritz.  It was one of those semi trailers that unfolds into a concert stage.

back of stage
The weather was good.  Actually, there was a nice breeze coming through that kept everything very comfortable, and we were in the shade because of the stage and the surrounding buildings.  If we've got to play outdoors in the summer in Atlanta, let it be like this!

So…one hour set.  No big deal.  For this one, Dannells and I swapped spots, so instead of me being on the far outside, I was tucked in between him and Mark Cobb.  I thought I was going to hate it (crammed in between an 18 inch crash and a guitar amp), but in the end I think I liked it.  I felt more "in the band" and less like I was "playing alongside the band," and the volume wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

I think I need to work some more on my effects pedal.  For Reminiscing, I had programmed harmonies to mimic the sax section thing that happens ("Glenn Miller's band was better than before"), and I tried it and it sounded pretty good to me, but when we played the song everybody on the front line laughed at me.  Pete said it sounded like I was under water.  Hmm.  Not what I intended.  No feedback, though, so I think the gate's in the right spot.

We finished at 6:30.  Nice!

Sunday's church gig number one was cancelled.  At least, that's what we were told last week.  Then again, the leader said there'd be an email with the cancellations on it, but I never saw one.  Big surprise.  I slept in.

Church gig number two was moved to a different room due to the death of the cathedral's air conditioner.  We played in the parish hall--kind of a fire drill for a set up.  I guess it sounded ok.  I am a mediocre soundman at best, and that room sounds horrible, and I was unfamiliar with the equipment.  Perhaps not my best work.

Light week this week…

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