10 High

We (Yacht Rock) used the 10 High as a preliminary rehearsal for the big 80s prom coming up in a few weeks at the Variety Playhouse.  New oldies included Careless Whisper, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, I Can Dream About You, and True.  All came off without a hitch (ok-I had a medium small disaster in I Can Dream, but nothing fatal).  We also added Hold the Line, which was alot of fun to play--I played power chords on the chorus and a synth part on the second and third verses.  Easy stuff for me, but I bet we won't do that one too much--the vocals are super high.

The second set was fast.  Mark Cobb played everything like he needed to go pee.  We flew through every song.  All of the sudden, the gig was over!

It was a pretty thin crowd.  I won't bother to speculate why.

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