Not Much Happening, but the Yard Looks Good

I haven't been doing much--I had the weekend off.

Thursday night was our 10 High gig.  It went pretty well.  Nick was on vacation and Cobb was on hiatus for the month, so we played the super safe set list for Kevin and Ganesh.  Kind of a drag--I wish the Schooner guys would pick up a few more of our tunes so they could sub in with us on some of our current stuff--but it made for an easy night.

It was a pretty crappy crowd.  Not a whole lot of people, and almost no turn over, so we didn't make much money out of it.  Bummer.

Dannells was on fire in the first set--he could do no wrong.  In the second set, he cooled significantly.  I played pretty well, especially in the first set with Dannells breathing down my neck.  I felt like I had to rise to the challenge.

Friday, I cleaned gutters.  Tell me why I need gutters?  Houses in Florida don't have gutters.  They don't need gutters.  I don't need gutters.  They catch more pine needles and sweet gum balls than rain.

Saturday, I went to Lopes' house to get the brace resoldered on my bari.  I wish I could go to Lopes' house and hang out about once a week.  Lopes is my guru.

Saturday afternoon, I cleaned the yard up--raked and mowed.

Sunday was the magical land of church gigs.  The first church gig went pretty well.  We received no music emails earlier in the week, so it felt very much to be a seat of the pants affair.  Things were pretty solid, considering.  We were fortunate to be asked to play half of the second service (extra money!), which was cool.  It would really be cool if they eventually have us play both services.  I mean, we're already there! Come on!  Hire me!

I had a great tenor reed.  It's new, but it plays great;  flexible, but a little resistance;  it was edgy, but not thin or mushy.

The second gig was about average.  During the first song I had to deal with a dead microphone--it's always wonderful when the singers sing one line and then whip around to tell me what's wrong!  I haven't set the gain on anything yet!  Gimme a sec!

My flute face was in good shape--I played lots of long tones at church gig number one, which made number two sound much better.  Hooray.

Big week ahead!  Stay tuned...

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