I did my two church gigs yesterday.

First church gig was not what I thought it would be.  Since the leader is kind of a wuss, I kind of thought he would say something to me to try and smooth over the issue about the money, and I kind of thought I would bite his head off.  Neither happened.  I guess that's good…I mean, I still have a gig.  Afterwards the leader hung around a little bit, like he was looking for a moment to speak to one of us in the band, but I was talking to the sound man right up til the point when I walked out the door, so it must not have been me for whom he was waiting.

Chris Wilkes got into some Steve Gadd/Stuff kind of sounding thing on one tune that was pretty fun.

The second church gig was a kind of lame.  I'm not sure if the church changed the amplifier settings or what, but the sound was really weak.  The singers started complaining right from the get go.  I checked all my connections, checked to see that the sound was coming out of both speakers, and checked the channel strips.  I didn't see anything amiss, so I just turned the whole thing up.  "Way to troubleshoot it!" said the band leader.  "You fixed it!"  said the singers.  Umm…yes!  Yes I did!

P.S. Steve Gadd is God.

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