40 Watt!

Last night (Saturday), Yacht Rock played our first gig in Athens--at the 40 Watt!  Pretty cool way to start out!

The club is cool...really, Athens is just cool.  It was like being back in college, but without all the crushing stress of being in college.  Add Athens to my list of places I want to live after I retire.  Maybe it's just that I miss being able to walk around town.  No can do in the suburbs.

Kevin Spencer and Mark Dannells


dressing room graffiti

Mark Dannells

So...the gig went well.  The sound was great.  It seemed dimly lit, but who's to say--I had sunglasses on.  Despite this wonderful write up in the Flagpole, I didn't play much saxophone on the gig--maybe three songs, and two of those were "parts" songs instead of sax solos.  So it goes.

We were followed by Krush Girls--which was a pair of guys who were a DJ.  Really, it was one guy who was a DJ (of the digital variety, I should point out, for the vinyl purists), and another guy who just made lots of hand gestures.  I guess they were good;  I really can't tell.  I mean, I don't quite understand the hoopla over a DJ--aren't you just the guy picking the next song?

I got home between after 3 AM, and after unloading my gear, I was asleep by 4 AM.  I was up at 6:45 AM to play my church gig.  I was back in bed by 11 AM, and slept until 4 PM (I think).  Got up, ate, bathed, went to my next church gig.  Came home, ate, watched the football game, and packed for the next gig!  And...I have to get up again in 3 and a half hours!

Off to Orlando.


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