Last night was extra exciting for me--it was my big debut playing Lonely Boy with the A band.  Up til now I've only played it (twice) with the B band at Wild Wing Cafes way outside of the perimeter.  Since Nick was not there (Kevin Spencer subbing), we were able to add it to the set list.  It went really well, if I do say so myself!  The spot in the breakdown where'd I'd messed up last weekend came and went without a hitch (as we approached that part of the song, I was suddenly very aware of how much I was sweating!).  No problems, though.  I was pumped.  It was fun.  

On saxophone, I had one of those "do no wrong" kind of nights.  My solo on Biggest Part of Me was definitely one of the five best attempts I'd ever had at that song.  Everything I played sounded right and logical, and I had no technical hang ups.  I felt like I could have gone on another five minutes and still played meaningful stuff.  It was very cool.  

It's worth mentioning that Mark Dannells played some really terrific stuff in his solos on How Long.  Later on in the evening he had a "so bad it's almost good" note in Ride Like the Wind.  You've got to go for it!

Kevin dared me to do something to destroy Baker Street, so the last time through the sax part, I played my part a half step higher than the band.  I assure you, it sounded unbelievably bad.  Don't try it.  It'll make your toes curl.  We loved it.

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