Sunday and Monday

Sunday was a two gigger.  I played a House Live gig at the Georgia World Congress Center.  It was pretty cool--I ran into Nick Longo over there, playing in a band opposite of us.  He's doing well.  We were laughing about how often someone pays one of us a compliment, and we know they're talking about the other guy.  I guess we kind of look alike, but Nick is stout--he's nearly a hundred pounds heavier than me!
I discovered a bad cable in my rig, but I cannot see where the problem is (it's not at the plug), so I'll have to pitch it.  Fortunately, Wayne had a cable so all was well.

Immediately after the House Live gig, I boogied over and did my church gig.  Not much to report there.  The leader is on maternity leave, but that band plays on!

Monday morning we had another rehearsal for the big Yacht Rock gigs this weekend.  I found lots of abnormalities in my horn charts--missing measures and such.  It's an annoyance for sure.  I came home, taught, and then practiced.  It felt really good and really bad to practice!  I haven't had time to do any personal maintenance in weeks, so I was very glad to have the time.  That said, I am really out of shape.

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