Downtown Yacht Rock

Yacht Rock played downtown at Ventanas last night for a private party.  If you're familiar with the space you're probably asking "Where?"  The put us in a tent out on the balcony (this is a picture pretty much from where I was on stage, but inside a tent).  It actually fit pretty well, and the fact that we were in the tent meant the room was nice and dead (and we could lay into it without offending anyone).  The gig went very well.  We had Ganesh Giri Jaya subbing for Nick on the front line, and he did an excellent job.
It appears that I have solved my computer problem.  My laptop screen was freaking out the other night (it went all Poltergeist on the Rock Boat, too), and after scouring the internet for a solution, it was suggested that I reset the PRAM.  I won't pretend that I know what that is, but the idea in resetting it is that some power management things get out of wack over time, and you reset that to get everything cleaned up.  For me, it involved popping out the battery and then holding the start button down for five seconds.  No problems now.

The "after party" for the gig was at Mark Bencuya's place.  His family is out of town for the weekend, so all of us (no Nick) went down in his basement to listen to the board tape from the Beatles show.  WOW!  It sounded as good as we remembered it.  The next gig is March 31 at Smith's Olde Bar.  If you're alive at the  end of March, you need to make sure you're there.  There's no other good excuse.

I am skipping my usual church gig to go to Mark Cobb's baby shower tonight.  We have another Yacht Rock gig tomorrow night (a Monday nighter!).

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