Jazz and Toyotas

I had no gig tonight. No biggie. I played an early afternoon trio gig with Louis Heriveaux (keyboard) and Tommy Sauter (bass) at Stonecrest Toyota in Lithonia. I even drove a Toyota truck to the gig. Here's the audio if you want to check it out:

I clearly had some trouble with my reed in the first couple of songs (the first tune we attempted was I Mean You; the last was Cherokee). Where's the first note? On Turnaround, I will eventually get the end of the head right. I can do it in private, but not in public, evidently. Also, the head on Ladybird? What the hell? I don't know. I bailed on it pretty quick, that's for sure. On the way out I attempted to substitute Half Nelson, but I obviously haven't thought about that one in a while. No dice. While I'm criticizing myself, how about not playing so sharp, Freeman? Are ya deaf?
It is strange to me to hear this trio play. On the gig I want to scream sometimes because the time feels like it goes to hell about an hour into the gig. From there on out, we three do not agree, and it drives me crazy. When I hear the audio, it's never as bad as I remember. My anger is not justified.
T ball, Jack's birthday party, and a Yacht Rock gig await me tomorrow. Time for bed.

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