Out of the Weekend

This past weekend I had no gigs which made it a good weekend to go to Mississippi and visit my grandmother. She's doing well considering her age. While we were there, Jack and I fished (we caught a bunch of catfish and a couple of turtles, but I returned them all safely to their natural habitat). Jack also drove the golf cart all over the neighborhood (highly illegal, but in a town as small as Leland, MS, who's going to catch us?). Jack had fun and we all had a nice visit.
Reggie got so excited chasing the geese in the back yard that he dove into the lake. I guess it's the lab in him. He can swim, though! He only did it once, so it's safe to say that he still does not like the water.

My grandfather died January, 8, 2009, and left me his truck. There has been an issue with executing the will (the title was in his name, not my grandmother's), and since it has been nine months, she is now able to transfer the title to me. So, Reggie and I drove the truck back. It's a 2006 Toyota Tundra (with double cab). An extremely nice truck with all of 5800 miles on it. It is huge...it fit in my garage with about a foot of space to spare (like 6 inches from the wall and 6 inches from the door!). Yikes!
To kill time, I took pictures of Reggie in the backseat on the way home.

I know...too many pictures of my dog, but I assure you, he's no ordinary dog!

I got home Sunday evening, and twenty minutes later I was out the door to go play my church gig.

Monday night I had a Platnumb gig at the Marriott Marquis downtown. Here's the traffic on the connector yesterday afternoon around 3:30.

We were supposed to be there between 3:30 and 4 to "stage" our equipment in the back hallway. Unfortunately, everybody got there after 5 (I got there around 5:45), so I rolled my stuff in and set up, and still had time to go to the break room and eat. Weather aside, I'm not at all sure why having me arrive at 3:30 was better than having me arrive at 6. It would have been a waste of 2 and a half hours of my life.
The gig was the usual mundane corporate thing where the attendees are either scared someone in their office will make fun of them, or just so stiff to begin with that there will never be any sort of wild drunken ruckus. In other words, I have no stories.

It was a bummer having to unload my stuff when I got home. Usually I pull into the garage and shut the door and go inside, but I had to park in the driveway due to the fact that there's an aircraft carrier of a truck parked in my spot!

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