Yachting in Young Harris

Actually, we were a bit north of Young Harris at the Brasstown Valley Resort. Almost exactly a two hour drive one way.

Nick (acoustic guitar), Mark Bencuya (piano), and I (flute, clarinet) played the wedding ceremony. Pretty cool that they chose ALL Beatles stuff, so I think we played a dozen songs (including the prelude music). Very cool, except for the fact that we were outside the entire time.

We got there and sort of half set up for the reception in direct sunlight, then ran up the hill, got dressed, and played the ceremony outside (we scooted out of direct sunlight). Then we boogied down the hill and finished setting up, and played a three hour reception outside. Did I mention it was outside and I had on a polyester shirt, a suede blazer, and a wig? Yeah, it was hot.

This is a rant for another time, but it really bugs me when I'm sweating and I go to bar for water, and they fill a glass with ice and then pour water in it. I need water, not ice!

Other than the heat and the pressure of trying to get everything coordinated (without any help from the coordinator), things went pretty well. By that I mean I played pretty well. In the ceremony, my flute kept sliding down my face on a river of sweat, but it was fun playing a bunch of Beatles tunes. We used charts from the Beatles encyclopedia. Strangely, there were lots of mistakes in the charts (missing accidentals, and a repeat sign in the wrong place in All You Need is Love). I really am enjoying playing the keyboard on these gigs. Every gig I get a little more comfortable, and as I am able to relax, it gets to be that much more fun. The sax and EWI stuff I know will be fine, but it's been cool letting my limited keyboard skills blossom. It's such a great opportunity to be able to improve on the job...even if they brought in a second keyboardist from here on out, I feel good about what I've gotten out of it.

Since we're talking about the EWI, I should mention that it has now been two gigs in a row with no problems since I swapped out that USB cable. Is it too early to claim that it's fixed? No. I feel good about it now. I'm going to stop worrying. This will free up the voice in my head to nag me about other things!

A special shout out to the mom in the red bikini at the pool. Wow!

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