Last night Yacht Rock played our usual gig at the 10 High.  Not much to report from a band perspective--it was business as usual, and business was good.  Ganesh played drums, but Mark Cobb sat in on most of the first set.

For me, last night was the debut of my new (used) keyboard, a Roland Fantom X6.  I had no problems, other than one of my sounds did not have much attack, so I changed it.  Ooo...I was showing Dannells all the splits I'd set up, and somehow I changed the tuning of the entire keyboard!  Yikes!  Right before we started, I turned if off and turned it on again and things were fine.

Even better than the new keyboard was the Marshall cabinet behind my gear.  Last night I put my amp up there, and it changed the gig!  All of the sudden, I could hear my saxophone on stage.  For previous gigs it was down on the floor in the corner, and when I went out to play a solo it was very quiet.  If I tried to turn it up, it would feed back when I got back to the keyboards.  Last night, I could hear my horns GREAT!  So awesome, and no feedback.  I'm looking forward to our next 10 High gig just so I can do that again.  I may have to invest in an amp stand.

We're off to Nashville.  Mercy Lounge, here we come!

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